Any Color, Any Time


When painting your nails, you can use any brushes you find, but there are brushes made for nail polish. When I clean mine I use tap water and a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, alternating between both to clean the brush. Using the tap water prevents the brush from becoming sticky and stiff.

French Nails

Today I used loose leaf ring guards to make French nails. Then I took it a bit farther and added a swirl design.


First, I added a coat of clear nail polish. Next, I cut a loose leaf guard in half, using one half to follow the edge of the pink of my nail.


Then, using the other half of the guard, I covered the rest of my nail edge.


I then painted my nail tip white and peeled off the loose leaf guards while the paint was wet.


Then I started the swirl by painting the “stalk” and “leaves” of my swirl with a small brush.


Finally I added the swirl at the top of the “stalk” and, once it dried, added my topcoat.


For this manicure I used (from lift to right) Invisible by Sally Hansen, black and white Kiss Nail Art Paint, Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat, and the loose leaf ring guards. Enjoy!

Color Block


My favorite design so far for my toes. I used the colors: Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors, Purple Pizazz Frost by NYC, and Blue Me Away! by Sally Hansen. I think these colors go great together!



This polish is a metallic navy blue that never appears black, making one of my favorite nail polishes. The shade of navy blue varies depending on the lighting. It sparkles while in direct sunlight. The first coat is opaque in some places, definitely streaky. The second coat evened things out. I used two coats.


Nail Tape

Nail Tape

Nail tape is used as an alternative to drawing straight lines with a brush. There are bad reviews about nail tape, stating that it peels off soon after applying. It is being used to tape a design, paint overtop with nail polish, and remove the tape instead of part of your mani. I use both ways. I found that if you press down on the ends before using topcoat, it stays on longer. Tape hanging off the ends of your nails speeds up the peeling process.