Zoya Tomoko

Tomoko is part of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection. It is a glittery gold and very eye-catching, slightly resembling Godiva. Tomoko is textured, and feels slightly like sand. The texture allows the glitter to have an enormous amount of sparkle, making it catch the light in a dark spot. I used 3 thin coats. Zoya says to use no basecoat or topcoat so all the sparkle can be seen.






I saw this design on someone at the mall, and decided to try it. It took a longer time than usual because of the different layers of paint, but it was relatively simple. This mani makes for a cute, easy, floral print. My base color is Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!.






Revlon- Twilight

This is a shimmery pink: lavender in shadow, and Barbie pink in direct sunlight. This polish has proven to have a consistent pink in certain lighting. Even though I have had this bottle for a while, the nail polish has not become goopy. The formula is very thin and sheer, I had to use three coats for it to become fully opaque. A short while ago, I tried to find this color on the internet but I could not find it anywhere. It is a limited edition, so Revlon is probably not selling it anymore.



As you can see, the printing on the bottle has faded.


This is a very blurry picture, but my camera would not focus on something so small. I can only guess that the name is “Twilight.”


Zigzag Accent

Here is how I made the navy blue zigzag accent from the post NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost . First, I started with two coats of Broadway Burgundy Frost.

Next, I cut a triangular piece of scotch tape and stuck it on my nail. You can prevent the tape from peeling off the base coats by sticking the tape on your finger a few times to reduce the stickiness.

Then, I put on three more triangles of tape in line with the other piece.

Finally, I painted my nail removed the tape while the nail polish was still wet. I then cleaned up the sides and added a topcoat. Ta-da!





NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost

I thought the name of this polish was a mouthful, and because I did not have a clear idea of the color burgundy, I searched it. Burgundy is a dark red color, usually associated with wine. This color is a bright red, there is nothing really dark about the shade. I think the name is slightly overdone. Two coats are definitely needed for this polish, as the first coat appears as a red-pink color. There is glitter in this nail polish, but it is only apparent in sunlight. It cannot be seen in these photos. The zigzag accent is Ibiza by Zoya.



Sorry about the picture quality on this photo.