Textured Stripes

This is one subtle mani. I used two coats of Zoya Vespa, placed stripes of tape on my nails, and painted over them with Zoya Nyx. It’s clear in direct sunlight, but anywhere else it kind of fades into blue and green. Anyway, I thought this did look pretty cool-when you can see it. It’s like a zebra pattern. almost.




This mani is perfect for winter. I used Zoya Dream for my base, three coats, and Kiss Nail Art Paint Silver Striper for the stars. I then added some silver bar glitter around them using Nicole by OPI and Selena Gomez Stars at Night. The bar glitter is hard to see, I’ll swatch it for you guys later.



Zoya Belinda

This is an awesome nail polish. Why? Because this was 1 coat. 1 COAT!!! I love this polish. It’s my favorite purple.


I then used striping tape to add an angled French using Mosheen on the tip of the nail. The angled French is hard to see unless your in bright light.



Half and Half

In the beginning, I liked this idea, but after I did this, I’m on the fence about this one. My base is Zoya Seraphina. The two toppers are Zoya Mosheen and Nicole by OPI and Selena Gomez Mi Fantasia. My biggest problem with this mani is that there is a bunch of Mi Fantasia glitter on my third finger, otherwise, it’s ok.