Zoya 2015 Mystery Box Trio

So, this post would be a spoiler post but I forgot about these polishes and basically everbody’s heard about them so- not a spoiler post. Anyway, these three polishes: Charlotte, Severine, and Anais are nice- I would not have chosen these on my own but I like them as free polishes. All three of these minis are two coaters, a little streaky on the first coat but the second coat evened it out. Nail art with these three polishes are below.

Charlotte looks ok on me- kind of greenish but that doesn’t really bother me. I think this could be cool for some earthy-green-nature nail art.

Severine is my favorite. Its a whitish metallic gold but it is a little streaky. I like this color a lot. However, it seems similar to Zoya Brooklyn.

Anais is my second favorite polish, a dark metallic brown with some gold shimmer. This was probably the most disappointing because the polish in the bottle seemed like a black-brown with a gold shimmer. I still like the color though.


Some nail art.


More nail art with the trio 🙂

Sally Hansen Out of Line

Sorry about the lack of posts, I have been really busy. Anyway, I have these pretty cool nail wraps review for you! This pattern is called Out of Line. I love the design, it’s really cool. All those zig-zaggy lines. So this picture is with a topcoat right after I applied it. As you can see, the edges are slightly jagged – filing the extra wrap wasn’t super easy but it worked well. So for me this lasted for about six days. I am pretty active and kind of hard on my nails, so I think they could have lasted longer. One thing I don’t really like about nail wraps in general is that when they start to chip, they begin to peel instead of chipping. So instead of these little chips, the whole edge starts to peel up and suddenly a quarter of the wrap is gone. But I really like these overall and I got lots of compliments.


Triangle Half Moons

I’m not sure this title actually makes sense. I mean, triangle half moons? Anyway, I used Zoya Cassedy as a base for my thumb, second, and pinkie finger and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the base on my third and fourth fingers. I then used tape to make the design. Zoya Cassedy was completely opaque in two coats. It’s a gorgeous silver glitter, but the glitter was impossible to remove. I love this mani and it lasted pretty long. This was super easy to do and I got a lot of compliments.


Newspaper Nails

This is my first time trying out the newspaper technique. It turned out really well and I’m happy with these. My third nail is the lightest-it’s the one I did first. First I put on two coats of Zoya Megan, and then I put on a topcoat. Next I soaked my nails in rubbing alcohol, pressed on the newspaper, took it off, and then applied another topcoat. I had some bubbling problems near the tip of my nails with the topcoat the second time I used it. I learned a few things about this. First, you need to press pretty hard to get bold letters. If you want a more distressed look, press lighter. Make sure you don’t slide the newpaper while pressing it on, as it will smear. This was super fun and easy- it only took around an hour.

These photos are in natural light with a flash. The snow outside gives off a really blue light and distorts the colors, so I used the flash to balance it out.



New Title!

I decided to change the title of my blog, Lovely Looks, to Nailbytes, which has been a category in Lovely Looks, if you’ve noticed. This blog, which basically has only been about nails, is now only going to be about nail art. So, I hope you like this slight face lift on my blog. Enjoy!