Zoya Adina

This is one of my favorite polishes: Zoya Adina, a gorgeous purple duochrome that shifts to green and pink. It’s opaque in three coats, but if you needed to, you get away with two coats. The duochrome is pretty amazing! The green shift will either be a light almost minty teal green or a yellow green. The yellow-green will appear more in bright sunlight while you see the teal-mint-green in the shade or soft light. The pink is a slightly muted Barbie pink. Did I mention I love the name? Adina sounds like the polish: slightly girly but retro. For the next couple pics, my second picture has 1 coat, my middle has 2 coats, and my ring finger and pinkie have 3 coats. There is more color shifting when there is three coats instead of two.

This is indirect sunlight

This is under an ottlight.

This is with a flash indoors.
For the next pictures, I have three coats on each finger and no topcoat. I wanted to show you guys the duochrome.DSC02661

With flash.

Under the ottlight with flash.

With flash

Outdoor light, no flash. This is with a topcoat and some easy nail art :). You can see some of the teal-mint-green in the bottle, along with some pink. With a topcoat, the transition between colors is a lot smoother.

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