Sally Hansen Out of Line

Sorry about the lack of posts, I have been really busy. Anyway, I have these pretty cool nail wraps review for you! This pattern is called Out of Line. I love the design, it’s really cool. All those zig-zaggy lines. So this picture is with a topcoat right after I applied it. As you can see, the edges are slightly jagged – filing the extra wrap wasn’t super easy but it worked well. So for me this lasted for about six days. I am pretty active and kind of hard on my nails, so I think they could have lasted longer. One thing I don’t really like about nail wraps in general is that when they start to chip, they begin to peel instead of chipping. So instead of these little chips, the whole edge starts to peel up and suddenly a quarter of the wrap is gone. But I really like these overall and I got lots of compliments.


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