Zoya 2015 Mystery Box Trio

So, this post would be a spoiler post but I forgot about these polishes and basically everbody’s heard about them so- not a spoiler post. Anyway, these three polishes: Charlotte, Severine, and Anais are nice- I would not have chosen these on my own but I like them as free polishes. All three of these minis are two coaters, a little streaky on the first coat but the second coat evened it out. Nail art with these three polishes are below.

Charlotte looks ok on me- kind of greenish but that doesn’t really bother me. I think this could be cool for some earthy-green-nature nail art.

Severine is my favorite. Its a whitish metallic gold but it is a little streaky. I like this color a lot. However, it seems similar to Zoya Brooklyn.

Anais is my second favorite polish, a dark metallic brown with some gold shimmer. This was probably the most disappointing because the polish in the bottle seemed like a black-brown with a gold shimmer. I still like the color though.


Some nail art.


More nail art with the trio πŸ™‚

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