Triple Stripe Nails Tutorial

Here is a pretty simple tutorial for my striped nails:
First, start with a base color (Zoya Eden).

Then, I placed a piece of tape over half my nail. To avoid picking up some nail polish when you lift up the tape, press the tape on the back of your hand or your finger a few times to get rid of some of the stickiness.

Paint the exposed part of the nail (Zoya Severine) and take off the tape.

Using a striper, paint a thin line where the two colors meet.

Finally, paint two parallel lines on either side of the initial line. Finish off with a topcoat.

Pink and Gold



So I painted my nails using the same design as last post, except the stripes are only on the ring finger, as you can see. I really like how this ended up- I wasn’t sure about the pink and gold. I used Zoya Eden and Severine and a black Kiss striper. That striper is the bomb! It’s great, it gives you really thin lines with a lot of control. Zoya Eden is a really nice pink. I wasn’t expecting to like it because I’m not a pink type of girl but I really like this. It’s bright, but not neon and it doesn’t seem really girly. I’m really liking this design and it will most likely show up again.



Striped Spring

So for this mani I started with Zoya Tiana on all my nails except for my pinkie. I then painted on Zoya Ibiza on half of my third and fourth nails. Then I added three silver stripes to hide the slight wobbliness of the line I made. I really like these colors-light green and navy blue is one of my all time favorite combinations for anything. Tiana is such a pretty light green with the softest glow that makes me feel tan. I really liked the idea of these two colors merging together.


Plastic Wrap Nails

Wow, it has been a while, almost a month actually. Anyway, life has been super busy. These are nails I did back in April. I started out with Zoya Lillian, which I think took two coats, I don’t remember. I then painted on Zoya Megan onto a wadded up piece of plastic wrap, which I then blotted on my nail.


Then I used a Kiss silver striper and made an tilted right angle.


For the final touch, I added some silver spikes I got from amazon. I felt like I was getting a little girly- so I added these.


I was playing around with my camera in order to get a decent picture where the silver glitter wasn’t blinding to the point when you couldn’t see it.