Blue Stairs

Hey everyone, just a quick post for today. These were some super quick nails I did. I started with three thin coats of Zoya Lillian and added a coat of Stars at Night by NOPI. I added a matte topcoat from Forever 21(more on that). I later decided I wanted to do some nail art. So using white acrylic paint I made these “stairs” if you will. Finally I added another layer of matte topcoat.

So I picked up this matte topcoat for a little more than two dollars for .5 ounces. I was skeptical about the product until I tried it. It works pretty well. It is definitely matte, as you can see. It is streaky unless you load the brush with the polish. Despite using a thick coat, it dried in around two minutes. My nails were set in about 30-45 minutes. I went to bed after doing my nails about a half hour later and I had NO sheet marks. I’m pretty impressed with this, it’s not great, but it does work well for a cheap price.


Please ignore the paint on my thumb!

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