Hoco Nails

I took a short break from the 31 Day Challenge to paint my nails for my school’s Homecoming dance. So I made these to match my dress, which is cream colored. But then Hoco was canceled because the state where I live called a state of emergency because of Hurricane Joaquin. So these are my not-Hoco nails now. Anyway, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, and using a small brush, I painted on stripes of Zoya Ziv. This was not my idea or design. I have seen this design multiple times and decided to copy it.


Day 21: Inspired by a Color


This is inspired by the weird blue-dyed water you find at miniature golf courts. I know that’s kind of weird but….You all know what I’m talking about.


I started with two coats- I think- of Zoya Ibiza. I painted these a couple weeks ago but I’ve been so busy. Then I balled up some plastic wrap and painted Zoya Rayne on it, then sponged that on my nail. The dark blue base really transformed the light blue to the point where it looks a little teal and slightly darker. Zoya Rayne gave it a really cool metallic sheen.