Sassy + Chic Embossed Nail Stickers

First things first, these are really good! I got them as a present a while back, like a WHILE back, and used them a couple weeks ago. I think these are cheap, maybe sold at the dollar store or something? I’m not sure. This is Sassy + Chic brand Embossed Nail Stickers, I couldn’t find a name for the print. These are really cool, they’re scaly and have some slight texture. Anyway, I wore these for about 6 days, no basecoat and 1 coat of topcoat. Every couple days I would apply some topcoat around the tips of my nails, but that was it. I received tons of compliments from people.

These are really easy to apply and very sticky. The set comes with 16 stickers, 8 sizes. The sizes I used fit perfectly, and I didn’t mess up the application at all! It’s pretty simple actually, you just peel it and stick it on your nail, smoothing out any bubbles. I’m not sure if the extra ones will be able to be used in the future, but since they are stickers, not strips/wraps, I hope they can be used in the future.

Like most stickers/wraps, the ends look a little jagged but smooth out later. I did have some problems filing off the extra because some sticker on the nail would start to come off, but I just stuck it back on.



Overall, this was a really positive experience, and I would definitely use these again!

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