Today I have a swatch of Zoya Dove and OPI To Be Or Not To Beagle. Zoya Dove is your classic grey creme, two coats. I absolutely love To Be Or Not To Beagle! It’s such a fun topper with a variety of colors and a great payoff! This polish works with basically any nail polish due to the black pieces and various colorful bits.

Dragon Skin

*Warning: Picture Heavy*

This is an interesting combination I have dubbed ‘Dragon Skin.’ I’ve been wondering what Zoya Adina would look like layered on another polish since it is so sheer. And this is the result over Zoya Willa. It’s certainly unique, I think I rather enjoy this strange shifty metallic combination.

This polish is striking in the light, shifting colors at the slightest tilt of a hand. A metallic olive green is the dominant color among the duochrome.

(incoming barrage of pictures)

Overall I do like this look, but I think it is a little overwhelming and strange alone. I’ll definitely have to experiment with this as a base for nail art. It could create some really interesting effects!

Zoya Eden

Just a quick post today, this is a swatch of Zoya Eden from a past spring collection. I’m usually not a huge fan of pink/red polishes but this is a really pretty color.

Shown above is two coats and a topcoat. The formula is really nice, smooth and creamy. It levels out nicely and has a smooth bright tone.

Sinful Colors Copper Pot

I was wanting a break from all the light pastel-y colors, I love them, but I needed a return to vibrant and shimmery colors. Hence, this polish.

This is two coats of Sinful Colors Copper Pot – it always reminds me of Harry Potter and the students’ cauldrons, maybe some future nail art?? The polish does tend to be streaky, but it suits the metallic shine. It’s a gorgeous orange-brown shade that shifts to yellow when hit by light. There are also little yellow and green specks tucked away in the polish. This is a beautiful unique polish that I really love.

Zoya Rue

Today I have a swatch to show you of Zoya Rue. It’s described on Zoya’s website as “boudoir blush cream.” I had to look up the definition of ‘boudoir,’ which turned out to be a woman’s bedroom or private room (courtesy of Google). I would describe it as a cool mauve.

This is two easy, thin coats. The formula was on the thinner side but not impossible to control. It also dried really fast! Overall, this is a really pretty neutral that can easily give nail art a more sophisticated edge.

I’m usually not someone to go for a neutral polish, but this one is perfect for spring!