Dragon Skin

*Warning: Picture Heavy*

This is an interesting combination I have dubbed ‘Dragon Skin.’ I’ve been wondering what Zoya Adina would look like layered on another polish since it is so sheer. And this is the result over Zoya Willa. It’s certainly unique, I think I rather enjoy this strange shifty metallic combination.

This polish is striking in the light, shifting colors at the slightest tilt of a hand. A metallic olive green is the dominant color among the duochrome.

(incoming barrage of pictures)

Overall I do like this look, but I think it is a little overwhelming and strange alone. I’ll definitely have to experiment with this as a base for nail art. It could create some really interesting effects!

Geometric Designs (tutorial)

So today in this sort of tutorial I have some geometric designs that I did on top of Zoya Tiana. Everything I did I used striping tape as my guidelines, so no artistic talent necessary.

Let’s start off with the designs: (please excuse the cat hair 🙂 )

They’re easier shown than described, but basically I cut a bunch of striping tape pieces, then stuck them all on my nails. The complexity ranges from a simple V french to the triangle pattern on the last two nails.

Next I used a cosmetic sponge to apply a gradient over the striping tape. From left to right: Revlon High Stakes, Sephora Formula X Orbit, Zoya Mirajane, and Zoya Willa. (Note: Zoya Mirajane did not really show up, mostly because it is a neon polish not designed for this)

I applied this gradient vertically using Zoya Willa near the base of my nail and Revlon High Stakes near the tip. For the french nail, I used the gradient horizontally, with the colors growing darker towards the edges of the nail. After several coats, I peeled off the striping tape, let it dry, then added a topcoat.

So that’s about it! I hope you all enjoyed and see you next time!

Zoya Tiana

This is a lovely spring pastel polish, Tiana, from the Zoya 2015 Delight collection. It’s one of my all time favorite polishes, the light creamy green is unique and refreshing.

Shown below is two coats of Tiana and a topcoat (Orly Sec n Dry). This formula is fantastic – it levels nicely in two coats and is super easy to control. You can see below that I have the mini version from a promotion a while ago – and my bottle is almost out! I definitely need to buy another bottle once I run out.

This polish is perfect for wearing alone, due to its unique and creamy tone, or as a base for nail art, as it is a neutral shade perfect if you don’t want to use white.

I plan to return and finish the 31 day challenge, so stay tuned!

Day 23: Inspired by a Movie


I’m back with the 31 day challenge, hoping to finish it ASAP. This mani is inspired by The Little Mermaid, one of my favorite childhood movies. It’s a subtle take on Ariel’s fin, bra, and hair, as the three colors have the potential to easily clash. So I decided to take a more subtle approach and use the colors as a french tip.

Using Sephora’s Formula X Astronomical, I painted on two coats. Next I used Zoya Purity to freehand a white tip in order to make the colors really pop. I then free-handed the vibrant colors (Zoya Livingston, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, Sinful Colors Rise & Shine) over top the white tip.

I hope you liked this manicure, the next prompt is ‘Inspired by a Book.’


Imperfect Stripes

Today I have some simple nail art using Zoya Dove and Hunter. I used two coats of Dove, added a top coat, then created the lines with Hunter.

This isn’t the cleanest technical nail art, but I like that combination with the green and grey, as if it was meant to be like that. Which…. it totally was of course…..


Anyway, my next post will continue the 31 day nail art challenge. See you soon!