Bold yet Delicate


These cute and delicate flowers balance the bold colors. I used two coats each of Zoya Sia and Zoya Willa on my accent finger. Sia is really bright and beautiful, with a great formula for such a bright color. I found it slightly streaky on the first coat, but the second coat evened it out.

These nail art stickers are easy to work with. You can definitely peel them up and position them again if necessary.


Overall, this is a bright mani balanced with the delicate flowers that I enjoyed creating and wearing! They create a great statement accessory to your outfit.

Angled Lines


Just some simple and cute nail art I did on top of Zoya Seraphina. I used black and white nail art stripers to achieve this look. Free handing this was pretty simple, even for those (including me) whose hands tend to tremble. This neutral and simple nail art is clean and professional, working for every occasion.

I will be returning to the 31 day nail art challenge shortly, returning with Inspired by a Movie!

A Simple Stripe

Hello everyone! I’m still working on my logo, just a little tweaking and such.

Anyway, this is another blast from the past, flashback to last summer. I used Zoya Payton, H&M Did I Tell You?, and a matte topcoat from Forever 21. It’s a super simple rather glittery mani.


Starting with a base of Zoya Payton, I just freehanded a stripe of blue glitter down the center, later using a toothpick to push any pieces into place.


I’m planning to continue my 31 Day Challenge that I am still working to finish. Next: Day 23, inspired by a movie!

Up and Running!

This blog is going to be up and running full force soon!!!

Hey everyone, I’ve missed uploading and sharing in the awesome community so I’ve brought this blog to life again. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me during the year off.

I’ve redesigned this blog with a different layout and color selections. Currently I am designing a logo and other images for the webpage – those will be uploaded ASAP!

I did continue to take some pictures of my nails while I wasn’t posting, so I’ll start uploading those. First this is a simple monochromatic nail art using Zoya Blu as the base. I then added the designs using small decals and Zoya Sia and Sephora Formula X Orbit.


I painted these around eight months ago, give or take. My advice concerning decals is to stick them to the back of your hand once then place them on your nails to prevent the decal from pulling off the nail polish. I always add a topcoat before using decals, but I do this just in case.


Watch out for a survey about the website’s visual design in one of the next couple posts. I want to know what you all think!