Sinful Colors Cinderella

Sorry I forgot to post on Tuesday… My bad guys…

So today I have a swatch of Sinful Colors Cinderella, a delicate, light, sheer blue with a subtle pink sparkle. It tends to be quite sheer, I ended up using four thin coats of polish until there was no VNL (visible nail line). Anyway I really like this color aside from its sheer quality. I think the baby blue color and pink sparkle is quite unique.

I don’t think this is a great base polish for nail art due to the layers needed to create an opaque base. It might work as a topper over another nail polish, though. I’ll have to experiment later 🙂

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone! I can’t believe it’s summer already, the year has been flying by!

Day 27: Inspired By Artwork

Day 27 is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s “Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue” made in 1921. When this challenge was next, I knew immediately I wanted to use this piece.

Image result for piet mondrian composition with red yellow and blue 1921

It’s a fairly simple piece, but it has enough elements to make each nail differ and include different elements of the painting.

Let me say that some of my friends taking an Art History class were immediately done with me when they saw this. 🙂

I started off with two coats of Zoya Purity, then added a topcoat because I thought I would use guidelines for the black outlines. Instead, I outlined the lines using a toothpick, filled in the square, and finished with a final black outline. I used Zoya Livingston, Zoya Sia, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow to finish the primary colors.

I also made a slightly different version with just my ring finger and thumb with the pattern, and the rest in white. This style makes it a more wearable version, as the primary colors paired with the black and white really popped.

I really enjoyed this design, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me! It’s definitely one of my favorites ever!!

Bubble Illusions

I found my pictures of the nail art I did using Zoya Payton and Blu from last post! Once I found them, I distinctly remember doing this and being really pleased at the end.

I’ve seen this style nail art before, and wanted to try it out, it seemed pretty easy, and I think I succeeded!

This was pretty easy to do. I painted a base coat, and stroked on a different polish along a diagonal. Once that was dry, I spaced out dots of each color, making sure they each overlapped. Zoya Payton was fairly opaque, it tends to be a bit sheer but I was able to build it up easily.

I hope you enjoyed this nail art, and see you Tuesday!

An Odd Combination

I’m trying to get back in the swing of things!

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last few weeks, I’ve had grueling exams that sucked up all my time, I haven’t even thought of painting my nails! the horror…

So, here’s starting off (again) with Zoya Payton and Blu – I found this in my files, I think it was a base for nail art, but I’m not sure where the pictures are…

This is an interesting combination, I kind of like it. I don’t remember what nail art I did with this though 😦

Anyway, I’m going to get back to my regular postings twice a week! Tuesdays and Fridays, see you then!


Today I have a swatch of Zoya Dove and OPI To Be Or Not To Beagle. Zoya Dove is your classic grey creme, two coats. I absolutely love To Be Or Not To Beagle! It’s such a fun topper with a variety of colors and a great payoff! This polish works with basically any nail polish due to the black pieces and various colorful bits.