Zoya Tiana

This is a lovely spring pastel polish, Tiana, from the Zoya 2015 Delight collection. It’s one of my all time favorite polishes, the light creamy green is unique and refreshing.

Shown below is two coats of Tiana and a topcoat (Orly Sec n Dry). This formula is fantastic – it levels nicely in two coats and is super easy to control. You can see below that I have the mini version from a promotion a while ago – and my bottle is almost out! I definitely need to buy another bottle once I run out.

This polish is perfect for wearing alone, due to its unique and creamy tone, or as a base for nail art, as it is a neutral shade perfect if you don’t want to use white.

I plan to return and finish the 31 day challenge, so stay tuned!


These are some butterfly nails I did a while ago. Instead of the usual monarch colors, I used a more blue/purple gradient underneath the black outlines. Using Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac and Wet n Wild Putting on Airs, I created a gradient, added a topcoat, then used black and white acrylic paint to create the wings.

I’ve seen countless nails using this design, so I’m not sure where it originated, but credit to whoever did – It’s a really cute design!

Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern


For this prompt, I decided to copy this arrow pattern I found online. Using a multitude of colors, this took a while, but I was pretty satisfied with the results.

I applied one coat of Zoya Purity, then I made a gradient using Zoya Purity and Zoya Charlotte, with Purity near the base of my nail and Charlotte at the tip. After adding a topcoat, I used striping tape to create the arrow shapes. I added yet another gradient, this time using, from the base of the nail to the tip, Zoya Sia, Wet n Wild Putting on Airs, Revlon Eclectic, and Sinful Colors Let’s Meet. I put on one last topcoat and that’s it! This took a longer time than usual, as I had to (impatiently ) wait for it to dry before adding the tape.


Anyway, that’s it for this post! See you soon!

Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

Day 25! This pattern is inspired by one of my shirts, shown below. This design is a simple recreation of the stripes.


Starting with two coats of Zoya Blu, I added a top coat. I then used Sinful Colors Let’s Meet to free hand the yellow section at the top of my third and fourth nails. Next I put on striping tape, making wide stripes. So I didn’t have an exact color to match the darker blue stripes, so I mixed two colors, Zoya Sia and Sinful Colors Sail La Vie, then dipped a cosmetic sponge into the mix, applying it onto the nail.

I bought this shirt pretty recently; it’s a basic t-shirt that I really like and will start wearing a lot once the weather warms up.

I like how the wide stripes turned out on the nails without the yellow block, but looking back I think I should make the stripes more narrow next time. Six more prompts in the challenge and I’ll be done!


Subtle Flowers


Subtle nail art is sometimes my favorite look. I like having the knowledge that my nails are decorated, unknown to others. It’s like having a little secret until people notice.

For my nude base, I used Sephora’s Formula X Astronomical, two coats on each nail. I then added small flower stickers on the base of each nail and one coat of Sally Hansen Strobe Light on my ring finger. Although glittery nail art isn’t my style, I really like this simple design.

Astronomical is a universally flattering nude. I think it’s quite a neutral color, working well for mostly everyone, and makes me look tanned.


Thanks for sticking around, and see you soon!