Angled Lines


Just some simple and cute nail art I did on top of Zoya Seraphina. I used black and white nail art stripers to achieve this look. Free handing this was pretty simple, even for those (including me) whose hands tend to tremble. This neutral and simple nail art is clean and professional, working for every occasion.

I will be returning to the 31 day nail art challenge shortly, returning with Inspired by a Movie!

Zoya Seraphina

This polish is part of the Zoya 2014 Winter Zenith Collection, one of my favorite collections! It’s a really pretty light glittery silver that is perfect as a base for nail art. It’s a neutral base perfect for nail art or just by itself.

The formula is really smooth, the first coat is streaky but it evens out by the second. I either go with three thin coats or two slightly thicker coats, depending on if I’m in a hurry.


This polish looks great on basically any skin tone due to its neutral tone. It makes my skin look slightly luminous, which I love.

You can see some slight VNL (visible nail line) on my fourth finger because of my camera.

Day 6: Violet

So for Day 6, I used a silver glitter Kiss striper to make a herringbone pattern over Zoya Megan. I also filled in random patches with the silver polish. This was probably not the best silver to use because it’s hard to see. On to Day 7!



Plastic Wrap Nails

Wow, it has been a while, almost a month actually. Anyway, life has been super busy. These are nails I did back in April. I started out with Zoya Lillian, which I think took two coats, I don’t remember. I then painted on Zoya Megan onto a wadded up piece of plastic wrap, which I then blotted on my nail.


Then I used a Kiss silver striper and made an tilted right angle.


For the final touch, I added some silver spikes I got from amazon. I felt like I was getting a little girly- so I added these.


I was playing around with my camera in order to get a decent picture where the silver glitter wasn’t blinding to the point when you couldn’t see it.

Triangle Half Moons

I’m not sure this title actually makes sense. I mean, triangle half moons? Anyway, I used Zoya Cassedy as a base for my thumb, second, and pinkie finger and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the base on my third and fourth fingers. I then used tape to make the design. Zoya Cassedy was completely opaque in two coats. It’s a gorgeous silver glitter, but the glitter was impossible to remove. I love this mani and it lasted pretty long. This was super easy to do and I got a lot of compliments.