Day 19: Galaxies

This was pretty experimental, I used acrylic paints instead of nail polish- nail polish works a lot better. It’s harder to blend acrylics because they dry super fast on the nail, and they don’t work as well on a sponge as nail polish does. Anyway here is Day 19. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black as well as various acrylic paints.


Day 16: Geometric

I haven’t posted in about two weeks and here are two posts in one day! School has been keeping me super busy, posts will be a little scarcer. So here is Day 16. I used Sinful Colors Starry Night, three coats. Starry Night is a black jelly with some holo-ish glitter, gold little squares, and gold shreds. It does ent up textured though, so two coats of topcoat minimum are needed. I think this color is really cool, it isn’t totally black and it has some SPARKLE. So on the accent finger I used Zoya Ziv and Sinful Colors Black on Black, as well as some nail art tape to create the design.


You can see how much it sparkles here. It isn’t in your face but it does catch your eye.

Day 14: Flowers

For today I have some kind of abstract flowers. I started with Sinful Colors Black on Black and painted the flowers with acrylic paint on my second and third fingers. I used Zoya Ibiza for the rest of my nails. I’ve been so busy with school starting up very soon, I’ve only had two posts-what!?!? I will try to find more time.



Day 13: Animal Print

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in two weeks. I’ve been on vacay before school starts, I was also stuck on this prompt. I tried around three different manis and countless color schemes before I was happy with the end result. So I ended up with giraffe nails. I used Sinful Colors Let’s Meet and brown acrylic paint. I plan to get Day 14 up soon, within the next few days or so.



Day 9: Rainbow Nails

I could not think of a design for the longest time, I don’t usually wear super colorful things, such as rainbows, but I finally came up with this. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black as a base and added (in order of the rainbow)  Zoya Livingston, Revlon Siren, Sinful Colors Let’s Meet and Rise & Shine, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and Zoya Belinda.

This would look better if my nails were longer, but I broke my middle and ring nails in the great outdoors this weekend. My favorite nail by far is my pinkie! (Also, if you didn’t see, it’s kinda hard to notice but on the purple on my middle finger is smudged-that’s what happens when you put your nail polish away immediately after applying a topcoat).