Tape Nail Art

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had time to post but I have been doing my nails. So for this nail art I followed this tutorial here. This is a great tutorial and I absolutely love how this looks. It seems complex but is quite simple. This design took forever though, around a couple of hours for both hands. I got a ton of complements. For this mani, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and Snow Me White.



Triangle Half Moons

I’m not sure this title actually makes sense. I mean, triangle half moons? Anyway, I used Zoya Cassedy as a base for my thumb, second, and pinkie finger and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the base on my third and fourth fingers. I then used tape to make the design. Zoya Cassedy was completely opaque in two coats. It’s a gorgeous silver glitter, but the glitter was impossible to remove. I love this mani and it lasted pretty long. This was super easy to do and I got a lot of compliments.


Red and Black Gradient

Sorry about that 2 week lapse guys, I actually did this last week but didn’t have time to post it. I’ve been really busy. So for this mani, I used one coat of Zoya Livingston-my favorite red polish, basically opaque in one coat- and sponged on Sinful Colors Black on Black-my fave black. It took a couple of layers of sponging to make the black opaque. This turned out really well and I loved wearing it but it chipped really fast. The second day I wore it, it started to chip. I really love this mani!


Dripping Nail Art

For this mani, I used a tutorial by Chalkboard Nails. I painted these last week, but I didn’t have enough time to post them. I’m really happy with how these turned out-great tutorial! I used Covergirl Midnight Magic, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and Kiss Nail Art white striper.




My First Water Marble!!

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Love Nails, then the same color and Zoya Ibiza for the water marble. These two colors worked really well in the water: they dropped from the brush  easily. Love Nails is my favorite Sinful Colors, it a beautiful sparkly blue with a green/blue undertone in the sunlight. It reminds me of the sea. It’s opaque in 3 coats, all though you can get away in 2. I don’t shy away from this bottle because of the sheerness, the color is so much more amazing in real life! I have a post of Zoya Ibiza here. That’s it for now, I hope you love this as much as I do!

*warning: picture heavy*