Day 24: Inspired by a Book

The next prompt in the 31 Day Challenge is ‘Inspired by a Movie.’ So these nails are based on The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I’m not really sure why I chose to paint my nails based on this book, besides the fact that I’m writing a paper about it, but I decided to go ahead and do it and get in the spirit of my paper.


I painted two coats of Zoya Dove, followed by a topcoat so I could use acrylic paints to freehand the blood and city line. I then finished with another topcoat as acrylic dries with a matte finish.

I really liked these nails, I enjoy painting the drips, they are really easy to do and they have a cool effect. I’ll put some info below on The Jungle and that time period if anyone’s interested.


The Jungle is a novel written in 1906 by Upton Sinclair in order to expose the public to the unsanitary and horrible conditions that factory workers, usually immigrants, toiled through in the U.S. Sinclair wrote this book in order to convince his readers that Socialism will fix the corrupt political parties and dreadful working conditions. As a result of The Jungle, the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act were passed by the government.