Day 23: Inspired by a Movie


I’m back with the 31 day challenge, hoping to finish it ASAP. This mani is inspired by The Little Mermaid, one of my favorite childhood movies. It’s a subtle take on Ariel’s fin, bra, and hair, as the three colors have the potential to easily clash. So I decided to take a more subtle approach and use the colors as a french tip.

Using Sephora’s Formula X Astronomical, I painted on two coats. Next I used Zoya Purity to freehand a white tip in order to make the colors really pop. I then free-handed the vibrant colors (Zoya Livingston, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, Sinful Colors Rise & Shine) over top the white tip.

I hope you liked this manicure, the next prompt is ‘Inspired by a Book.’


Imperfect Stripes

Today I have some simple nail art using Zoya Dove and Hunter. I used two coats of Dove, added a top coat, then created the lines with Hunter.

This isn’t the cleanest technical nail art, but I like that combination with the green and grey, as if it was meant to be like that. Which…. it totally was of course…..


Anyway, my next post will continue the 31 day nail art challenge. See you soon!


Subtle Flowers


Subtle nail art is sometimes my favorite look. I like having the knowledge that my nails are decorated, unknown to others. It’s like having a little secret until people notice.

For my nude base, I used Sephora’s Formula X Astronomical, two coats on each nail. I then added small flower stickers on the base of each nail and one coat of Sally Hansen Strobe Light on my ring finger. Although glittery nail art isn’t my style, I really like this simple design.

Astronomical is a universally flattering nude. I think it’s quite a neutral color, working well for mostly everyone, and makes me look tanned.


Thanks for sticking around, and see you soon!

Bold yet Delicate


These cute and delicate flowers balance the bold colors. I used two coats each of Zoya Sia and Zoya Willa on my accent finger. Sia is really bright and beautiful, with a great formula for such a bright color. I found it slightly streaky on the first coat, but the second coat evened it out.

These nail art stickers are easy to work with. You can definitely peel them up and position them again if necessary.


Overall, this is a bright mani balanced with the delicate flowers that I enjoyed creating and wearing! They create a great statement accessory to your outfit.

Angled Lines


Just some simple and cute nail art I did on top of Zoya Seraphina. I used black and white nail art stripers to achieve this look. Free handing this was pretty simple, even for those (including me) whose hands tend to tremble. This neutral and simple nail art is clean and professional, working for every occasion.

I will be returning to the 31 day nail art challenge shortly, returning with Inspired by a Movie!