NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost

This is an interesting unique polish, at least I have not seen anything like it yet. Its a plummy purple with a heavy blue frost/sheen. In shadow and certain lighting, the purple is more apparent, however, my camera only seemed to capture the blue. In the next picture, I messed with my lighting to show you guys the purple base of this polish. I was not happy with this brush. It is small. Need I say more? It took many strokes to even out this polish. Shown is three coats, no topcoat. The first two coats were streaky, but the third evened things out and made me love this more. The polish was easy to control but the brush did not help at all. A wider brush would have made things much easier.


This is such an interesting shade though. I repeatedly have to decide whether I like it or not. I like it. It’s kind of a fugly color in real life with my skin tone but it’s fun.


Wet n Wild Red Red

First off, what is up with this name? Red Red, that’s strange.

This is a pretty cheap brand of polish, so I was pretty impressed. Red Red is a bright red, leaning pink, that needed two coats for full coverage, no topcoat below. It definitely lives up to the Wildshine brand expectations. However the formula was a little thin and hard to control, which can become an issue since reds tend to stain easily. Taking this polish off was a pain, it left pink stains on my cuticles which took a few days to come off.


Anyway, this polish lives up to expectations and I’m happy with it.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sally Hansen Pink Satin

Merry Christmas!!

Below are my swatches of Sally Hansen Pink Satin under an ott light. This polish is a OCW, but it does show brush strokes. It’s a frosty cool toned pink. It has a kind of matte finish with an easy-to-apply formula. The brush is nice too, it’s kind of big but easy enough to control.


Below is one coat painted on and one coat sponged on, reducing the brushstrokes. The frost seems more visible when you can see the brush strokes.


Sassy + Chic Embossed Nail Stickers

First things first, these are really good! I got them as a present a while back, like a WHILE back, and used them a couple weeks ago. I think these are cheap, maybe sold at the dollar store or something? I’m not sure. This is Sassy + Chic brand Embossed Nail Stickers, I couldn’t find a name for the print. These are really cool, they’re scaly and have some slight texture. Anyway, I wore these for about 6 days, no basecoat and 1 coat of topcoat. Every couple days I would apply some topcoat around the tips of my nails, but that was it. I received tons of compliments from people.

These are really easy to apply and very sticky. The set comes with 16 stickers, 8 sizes. The sizes I used fit perfectly, and I didn’t mess up the application at all! It’s pretty simple actually, you just peel it and stick it on your nail, smoothing out any bubbles. I’m not sure if the extra ones will be able to be used in the future, but since they are stickers, not strips/wraps, I hope they can be used in the future.

Like most stickers/wraps, the ends look a little jagged but smooth out later. I did have some problems filing off the extra because some sticker on the nail would start to come off, but I just stuck it back on.



Overall, this was a really positive experience, and I would definitely use these again!