Hourglass Mani

The main purpose of this mani was to see how textured a textured nail polish would be after a coat of normal nail polish. The expected answer: still textured. This was a fun and simple mani. It was a bit challenging using a striper to make the guidelines for the hourglass because of the texture. I had to go over the same line 2 or 3 times with more polish on the brush than usual. I used Deborah Lippmann Pretty Vacant and Kiss Nail Art Black Paint. It was cloudy-hence the bluish light. This was really quick-textured polishes don’t take long to dry and don’t need a top coat.





Zoya Vespa

First of all, I love this name, it reminds me of a snake. Now whenever I think of snakes they are always this color. I used three thin coats, but honestly it was opaque in two. There was just a bit of sheerness with two coats. This is such a pretty, light green. Pixie dust nail polish are quickly becoming my favorite nail polish. The textured and glitter-packed is amazing.




I love the matte tops of these bottles!


Zoya Tomoko

Tomoko is part of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection. It is a glittery gold and very eye-catching, slightly resembling Godiva. Tomoko is textured, and feels slightly like sand. The texture allows the glitter to have an enormous amount of sparkle, making it catch the light in a dark spot. I used 3 thin coats. Zoya says to use no basecoat or topcoat so all the sparkle can be seen.