Geometric Designs (tutorial)

So today in this sort of tutorial I have some geometric designs that I did on top of Zoya Tiana. Everything I did I used striping tape as my guidelines, so no artistic talent necessary.

Let’s start off with the designs: (please excuse the cat hair ūüôā )

They’re easier shown than described, but basically I cut a bunch of striping tape pieces, then stuck them all on my nails. The complexity ranges from a simple V french to the triangle pattern on the last two nails.

Next I used a cosmetic sponge to apply a gradient over the striping tape. From left to right: Revlon High Stakes, Sephora Formula X Orbit, Zoya Mirajane, and Zoya Willa. (Note: Zoya Mirajane did not really show up, mostly because it is a neon polish not designed for this)

I applied this gradient vertically using Zoya Willa near the base of my nail and Revlon High Stakes near the tip. For the french nail, I used the gradient horizontally, with the colors growing darker towards the edges of the nail. After several coats, I peeled off the striping tape, let it dry, then added a topcoat.

So that’s about it! I hope you all enjoyed and see you next time!

Triple Stripe Nails Tutorial

Here is a pretty simple tutorial for my striped nails:
First, start with a base color (Zoya Eden).

Then, I placed a piece of tape over half my nail. To avoid picking up some nail polish when you lift up the tape, press the tape on the back of your hand or your finger a few times to get rid of some of the stickiness.

Paint the exposed part of the nail (Zoya Severine) and take off the tape.

Using a striper, paint a thin line where the two colors meet.

Finally, paint two parallel lines on either side of the initial line. Finish off with a topcoat.

Gradient Circle

I’ve seen quite a few nail designs using straws, I experimented, but with a small coffee straw.

Start with a base coat.

Then, cut the straw down for accuracy, and blob some nail polish onto a piece of paper.

Dip the straw into the nail polish, then touch the straw to your nail, dipping your straw every couple circles. Do not worry if you do not have a complete circle. (I do not know why this picture ended up so purple, sorry.)

When the first layer of circles have dried, add another layer, this time start around halfway and continue to the end of your nail.

Add a third and final layer at the tip of the nail, let it dry, clean up, and add a topcoat!

I used Siren by Revlon and Hit the Brakes By Spoiled (by Wet n Wild).


I thought of this design after looking at the illustrations by Brett Helquist in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Specifically, The Ersatz Elevator. The crosshatch shading on, well, everything inspired this design.


First, apply your base coat. Then, use a striper (preferably white) and make two lines crossing each other at a 90 degree angle. This step is optional, as the white lines will only be guidelines.

Fill in each of the four quadrants with four colors. I opted for a slight pastel theme, using two coats for each color.

Next, using a white striper, create three diagonal lines on one corner of my your nail, and then three more lines on the opposite side.

Then, make three horizontal lines in between the diagonal lines, and repeat: diagonal, diagonal, horizontal until you reach the base of your nail. Finally, clean up, add a top coat and finish!

The colors I used from left to right are: Wet n Wild On a Trip, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, Kiss Nail Art Paint white striper, NYC In a Minute High Line Green, and Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint. My base coat is Zoya Anchor, and My top coat is Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield base coat and topcoat.

Zigzag Accent

Here is how I made the navy blue zigzag accent from the post NYC- Broadway Burgundy Frost . First, I started with two coats of Broadway Burgundy Frost.

Next, I cut a triangular piece of scotch tape and stuck it on my nail. You can prevent the tape from peeling off the base coats by sticking the tape on your finger a few times to reduce the stickiness.

Then, I put on three more triangles of tape in line with the other piece.

Finally, I painted my nail removed the tape while the nail polish was still wet. I then cleaned up the sides and added a topcoat. Ta-da!