Hoco Nails

I took a short break from the 31 Day Challenge to paint my nails for my school’s Homecoming dance. So I made these to match my dress, which is cream colored. But then Hoco was canceled because the state where I live called a state of emergency because of Hurricane Joaquin. So these are my not-Hoco nails now. Anyway, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, and using a small brush, I painted on stripes of Zoya Ziv. This was not my idea or design. I have seen this design multiple times and decided to copy it.


Day 16: Geometric

I haven’t posted in about two weeks and here are two posts in one day! School has been keeping me super busy, posts will be a little scarcer. So here is Day 16. I used Sinful Colors Starry Night, three coats. Starry Night is a black jelly with some holo-ish glitter, gold little squares, and gold shreds. It does ent up textured though, so two coats of topcoat minimum are needed. I think this color is really cool, it isn’t totally black and it has some SPARKLE. So on the accent finger I used Zoya Ziv and Sinful Colors Black on Black, as well as some nail art tape to create the design.


You can see how much it sparkles here. It isn’t in your face but it does catch your eye.

Day 3: Yellow

I am not a huge fan of yellow. In fact, it is my least favorite color. So I used Zoya Tomoko, a white gold. This was relatively simple, just some dots using the end of a bobby pin. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black for the accent nail and dots. I also decided to use a topcoat. I decided to use only one coat, there is some texture but it is pretty subtle.


Gold Ikat

These were actually my nails during Memorial Weekend, I never got around to posting them. I used Zoya Ziv as well as black, white, and light blue acrylic paints. I should have been more patient and careful using the acrylic paints, but I thought it turned out ok.


Triple Stripe Nails Tutorial

Here is a pretty simple tutorial for my striped nails:
First, start with a base color (Zoya Eden).

Then, I placed a piece of tape over half my nail. To avoid picking up some nail polish when you lift up the tape, press the tape on the back of your hand or your finger a few times to get rid of some of the stickiness.

Paint the exposed part of the nail (Zoya Severine) and take off the tape.

Using a striper, paint a thin line where the two colors meet.

Finally, paint two parallel lines on either side of the initial line. Finish off with a topcoat.