Zoya Eden

Just a quick post today, this is a swatch of Zoya Eden from a past spring collection. I’m usually not a huge fan of pink/red polishes but this is a really pretty color.

Shown above is two coats and a topcoat. The formula is really nice, smooth and creamy. It levels out nicely and has a smooth bright tone.

Sally Hansen Pink Satin

Merry Christmas!!

Below are my swatches of Sally Hansen Pink Satin under an ott light. This polish is a OCW, but it does show brush strokes. It’s a frosty cool toned pink. It has a kind of matte finish with an easy-to-apply formula. The brush is nice too, it’s kind of big but easy enough to control.


Below is one coat painted on and one coat sponged on, reducing the brushstrokes. The frost seems more visible when you can see the brush strokes.


Triple Stripe Nails Tutorial

Here is a pretty simple tutorial for my striped nails:
First, start with a base color (Zoya Eden).

Then, I placed a piece of tape over half my nail. To avoid picking up some nail polish when you lift up the tape, press the tape on the back of your hand or your finger a few times to get rid of some of the stickiness.

Paint the exposed part of the nail (Zoya Severine) and take off the tape.

Using a striper, paint a thin line where the two colors meet.

Finally, paint two parallel lines on either side of the initial line. Finish off with a topcoat.

Pink and Gold



So I painted my nails using the same design as last post, except the stripes are only on the ring finger, as you can see. I really like how this ended up- I wasn’t sure about the pink and gold. I used Zoya Eden and Severine and a black Kiss striper. That striper is the bomb! It’s great, it gives you really thin lines with a lot of control. Zoya Eden is a really nice pink. I wasn’t expecting to like it because I’m not a pink type of girl but I really like this. It’s bright, but not neon and it doesn’t seem really girly. I’m really liking this design and it will most likely show up again.



Breast Cancer Month Nails

While it is October, I decided to do some pink nails. I tried out this lamp that is supposed to imitate natural light pretty closely. Maybe it’s just me, but the light seems to have a blue tint to it. Anyway, I used a bobby pin and toothpick for my thumb and 2nd finger nails to imitate simple lace. I also made a sheer water marble and free-handed a cancer ribbon. I’m on the fence on how this looks. The pink base is Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power. For the water marble I used Sally Hansen Pink Satin, Zoya Adina, and SH Fuchsia Power.