Geometric Designs (tutorial)

So today in this sort of tutorial I have some geometric designs that I did on top of Zoya Tiana. Everything I did I used striping tape as my guidelines, so no artistic talent necessary.

Let’s start off with the designs: (please excuse the cat hair 🙂 )

They’re easier shown than described, but basically I cut a bunch of striping tape pieces, then stuck them all on my nails. The complexity ranges from a simple V french to the triangle pattern on the last two nails.

Next I used a cosmetic sponge to apply a gradient over the striping tape. From left to right: Revlon High Stakes, Sephora Formula X Orbit, Zoya Mirajane, and Zoya Willa. (Note: Zoya Mirajane did not really show up, mostly because it is a neon polish not designed for this)

I applied this gradient vertically using Zoya Willa near the base of my nail and Revlon High Stakes near the tip. For the french nail, I used the gradient horizontally, with the colors growing darker towards the edges of the nail. After several coats, I peeled off the striping tape, let it dry, then added a topcoat.

So that’s about it! I hope you all enjoyed and see you next time!

Day 11: Polka Dots

For Day 11 I made a sideways French using dots. I started with Revlon Eclectic and used grey acrylic paint for the dots. This was super fast to do.

Revlon Eclectic is a slightly dulled mint green. It took three coats to become opaque, and was a little watery. After three coats, it was still streaky but my topcoat fixed that. It is a super pretty color.



Day 9: Rainbow Nails

I could not think of a design for the longest time, I don’t usually wear super colorful things, such as rainbows, but I finally came up with this. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black as a base and added (in order of the rainbow)  Zoya Livingston, Revlon Siren, Sinful Colors Let’s Meet and Rise & Shine, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and Zoya Belinda.

This would look better if my nails were longer, but I broke my middle and ring nails in the great outdoors this weekend. My favorite nail by far is my pinkie! (Also, if you didn’t see, it’s kinda hard to notice but on the purple on my middle finger is smudged-that’s what happens when you put your nail polish away immediately after applying a topcoat).


Day 2: Orange

So for day two, I went with a baseball theme- I know a few hardcore Oriole fans. I used Revlon Siren and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the color blocked nails and Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Zoya Livingston for the baseballs.


Revlon Siren

I have had this polish for forever. I don’t know why I barely used it. Anyway, this is two coats. The formula is really smooth and easy to use, despite the long time I have had it. I really like this color, that’s saying a lot since my least favorite colors are yellow and orange. It’s definitely not neon but it is bright.