Wet n Wild Putting on Airs

First off, I really love this color. I think it’s a good transition between spring and summer, it’s kind of a pastel but it’s also subtly bright. This is three coats and no topcoat-it is pretty shiny, it was opaque in two but still streaky. Two thick coats would also work. It did dry pretty fast. Overall, this was worth 99 cents. It is pretty opaque so this would be a good polish for nail art.



Taped Gradient Nail Art

For this nail art, I started with a base of Zoya Livingston. Then I laid down my tape and made a gradient using Singul Colors Snow Me White. For some reason I ended up with a ton of bubbles on my middle and ring fingers, I’m not sure why. Anyway, this mani didn’t even last 24 hours because of the bubbles.



Zoya Livingston

This classic red crème is almost completely opaque in one coat. Shown below is two coats. I find the formula slightly thin, but it is pretty easy to control. Like all reds, if you get any of the polish on your skin, it is unforgiveable. Livingston is from Zoya’s 2013 fall collection.



Revlon Siren

I have had this polish for forever. I don’t know why I barely used it. Anyway, this is two coats. The formula is really smooth and easy to use, despite the long time I have had it. I really like this color, that’s saying a lot since my least favorite colors are yellow and orange. It’s definitely not neon but it is bright.


Blue Stairs

Hey everyone, just a quick post for today. These were some super quick nails I did. I started with three thin coats of Zoya Lillian and added a coat of Stars at Night by NOPI. I added a matte topcoat from Forever 21(more on that). I later decided I wanted to do some nail art. So using white acrylic paint I made these “stairs” if you will. Finally I added another layer of matte topcoat.

So I picked up this matte topcoat for a little more than two dollars for .5 ounces. I was skeptical about the product until I tried it. It works pretty well. It is definitely matte, as you can see. It is streaky unless you load the brush with the polish. Despite using a thick coat, it dried in around two minutes. My nails were set in about 30-45 minutes. I went to bed after doing my nails about a half hour later and I had NO sheet marks. I’m pretty impressed with this, it’s not great, but it does work well for a cheap price.


Please ignore the paint on my thumb!