Bold yet Delicate


These cute and delicate flowers balance the bold colors. I used two coats each of Zoya Sia and Zoya Willa on my accent finger. Sia is really bright and beautiful, with a great formula for such a bright color. I found it slightly streaky on the first coat, but the second coat evened it out.

These nail art stickers are easy to work with. You can definitely peel them up and position them again if necessary.


Overall, this is a bright mani balanced with the delicate flowers that I enjoyed creating and wearing! They create a great statement accessory to your outfit.

Clearly Simple

I’ve had very little time to paint my nails. Sorry about the three week absence, however this will be a quick post. So this mani was one I did in a hurry. 1 coat using Invisible by Sally Hansen, some stickers by Broadway Nails and a top coat. Very simple! Invisible is your standard clear coat, slightly thick, but nothing to worry about.



These stickers were three or four dollars for 400+ stickers; they stay on for at least a week, even longer on my toes. I use these whenever I have a limited time to paint my nails.